"A snowy installation during the day gives way to a star spangled performance during the evening. Heavenly effects subtly transform the venue to create an interstellar frozen wonderland every night."

Winterspace features a specially commissioned soundtrack alongside invited performers & video projected special effects. Optical sleight of hand enables the performers to appear as if they are made of stars. This abstract costuming ensures that the viewers can concentrate on the languid and expressive movement of the choreography. Both the design and choreography are inspired by snowfields and starfields.

Viewers enter an intimate dark space. In front of them and above them are large screens showing images of virtual snow. The virtual snow is computer generated and reacts to the presence of the viewers by flurrying left and right, depending on the viewers' movements, and snows in greater density the faster they move. Floor cushions instead of chairs will allow visitors to lie down to relax and enjoy the installation. A second computer controls an interactive soundtrack generator which randomly mixes several libraries of sound loops, giving rise to an ever-changing soundscape.

The performance is an extension of the installation it begins with a section of virtual snow, as in the installation, which gradually stops falling gives way to stars above. The positioning of two screens, in front of and above, allows the viewer to feel immersed by both performance and installation. In the stars section viewers will begin to discern human figures dancing in space. Carefully composed choreography draws viewers on a magical journey. The visual presentation of both the installation and performance are comprised of white dots on a black background. At one point in the performance there is a lull in the soundtrack, which allows viewers to realise that they are witnessing a live performance (as opposed to watching a pre-recorded film). The audience participants will be able to hear the footfalls of the dancers on the other side of the screen. The performance is divided into sections, and each section comprises choreography with varying dynamics, some fast some slow. When the dancers are still they merge into the background. The performance ends with a short film of real snow rushing towards the audience.

The original WinterSpace was performed in 2001 at Hoxton Hall in London. Bruno Martelli and Ruth Gibson teamed up with several other visual and performing artsts to create two new versions, Winter1Space2, and Winter3Space4 more information about these versions can be found at:


Artists: Leon Cullinane, Ruth Gibson, Bruno Martelli, Kirk Woolford, Tim Copsy

Performers: Jovair Longo, Rick Nodine, Gabrielle McNoughton

Music: Oscar Cullinane