Igloo bring together a group of international artists for a performance unraveling the strange nature of dual identity. Dropping sequences of dance, film, digital art and sound into the same performance environment, they explore the body as digital image. Viking Shoppers unfolds as an intruiging mix of new media work.

Both the design and choreography are inspired by the physical and cultural landscapes of Iceland, and the dual identity present in telematic peformance and motion capture. Live dancers explore relationships with their virtual, digital, and spiritual selves through the use of interactive movement sequences and real-time ascii cameras.

Viking Shoppers features the celebrated music of Icelandic band Sigur Ros.

For more information, see igloo.org.uk/vikingshoppers.html

Artists: Leon Cullinane, Ruth Gibson, Bruno Martelli, Kirk Woolford
Performers: Mark Bruce, Ruth Gibson, Joanne Fong, Kirsty Little,
Yumino Seki
Lighting Design: Guy Hoare.
Costume: Vexed Generation & Uniform
Music: Sigur Ros.