Immersive, Interactive, and Emergent Media
Performance 9 Projects

vRSP: virtually (Re)Sounding Place, 2018-pres

The vRSP project explores new, responsive, immersive, and interactive methods of experiencing a performance, as well as allowing users to explore the unique heritage places for which these performances have been created....

Kirk Woolford

WinterSpace, 2001-2002

"A snowy installation during the day gives way to a star spangled performance during the evening. Heavenly effects subtly transform the venue to create an interstellar frozen wonderland every night."...

Kirk Woolford

Viking Shoppers, 1999-2001

Dropping sequences of dance, film, digital art and sound into the same performance environment, they explore the body as digital image. Both the design and choreography are inspired by the physical and cultural landscapes of Iceland...

Kirk Woolford