Immersive, Interactive, and Emergent Media

Photuria 2016-pres

An immersive piece addressing climate change and loss of biodiversity in the United States through a crime-fiction narrative exploring the disappearance of fireflies. Photuris asks audiences to reflect upon the cultural, ecological, and financial value of the firefly....

Kirk Woolford

vRSP: virtually (Re)Sounding Place, 2018-pres

The vRSP project explores new, responsive, immersive, and interactive methods of experiencing a performance, as well as allowing users to explore the unique heritage places for which these performances have been created....

Kirk Woolford

Jinn Ginnaye, 2014-pres

Jinn-Ginnaye is a practice-based research project developed in parallel with the live Choreomusical work, Jinn. Jinn-Ginnaye asks how the constraints of Islamic culture can lead to new forms of creation and expression....

Kirk Woolford