Delivering the equestrian life, from sports and leisure riding to horse care, My Horse and Me is a unique gaming experience for anyone with an interest or passion for horses. The game features the most accurate horse models and animations yet realized in a video game, alongside a rewarding game play experience, all set against a backdrop of indoor and outdoor environments. My Horse and Me has a variety of game play modes and options to give players an authentic experience. The Championship mode lets the player take part in competitions at indoor and outdoor locations around the globe ranging from rustic stables and classical riding schools to world-class tournament locations. A series of mini-games offer a variety of game play experiences alongside rewarding horse care game play and extensive customization. This title also offers both first and third person camera modes, putting riders right in the saddle and creating a perfect training tool for practicing disciplines that riders face in real life.

I conducted the market research into "Girl Games", and co-directed the original design team to create one of the first games released on the Nintendo Wii

Woedend Team:

Game Designers: Jochem van der Spek
Marc Schmidt

Project Leaders: Kirk Woolford
Bas van Berkestijn

Art Direction: Paul Coops
Jochem van der Spek

3-D Artists: Jurriaan Hos
Mischa Rootsaert
Mattijs van der Valk
Bart Janssen
Paul Coops
Ben Vergeer

Character Design: Hans Pieko

Dynamica: Jochem van der Spek

Technical Research: Kirk Woolford
Jochem van der Spek

Sound: Soundware Amsterdam

Traffic: Rianne Zandstra