Moments in Place is a series of site-specific augmented reality performances, created for the Brighton Digital Festival, inviting visitors to consider movement qualities of different locations in the city of Brighton as well as the range of artworks in Brighton's streets.

Each of the performances were recorded on site using portable motion capture systems. When phones or tablets are pointed at select urban artworks, a performance is rendered live in 3D allowing the audience to walk around and explore the relationship between the performance and location.

The original mini-site for this project is located at:

Double-tapping on the screen while the app is running brings up menus displaying "what to look for" and "where to look" in order to help find the appropriate artworks. Alternatively, users can select "Just Dance" to view one of the performances without tracking.

The project invites viewers to think about movement qualities of various locations. Some of the locations are quiet and inspired slow, reflective movement while others are very hectic -- full of shoppers and tourists.

You should try to visit at least a selection of locations. However, if this is not possible, or if your are not able to visit Brighton, you can point your phone at any of the webpages in the "what to look for" section, and the phone will play the performance associted with the location.

Alternatively, you can go through the menu and select "Just Dance" to watch one of the performances wherever and whenever you wish.